Top 5 vegan burgers in London

Burgers are one of those foods that are loved by many and can satisfy like no other.  Over the last year I have put in the hard work, taste testing every spot I could find, to bring you a list of my absolute favourite vegan burgers in the city. Knowing where to get a good... Continue Reading →

Vegan eats in Bow

This post is to share vegan finds in my neighbourhood, giving locals some vegan options and to inspire people to support vegan friendly local businesses. I will be updating this page as I explore more of Bow. Magus & the Fool A few months ago a new art cafe opened up on Roman Road. There... Continue Reading →

Vegan in Paris

One of my absolute favourite things about living in London is how easy it is to head out for a weekend adventure. I especially love rail travel. It is so much easier than going to the airport, plus I could stare out a train window for hours. My partner and I had a Friday booked... Continue Reading →

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