July Favourites

I have a medium sized list of favourites to share this month. Yet again I have not finished my book of the month. Hopefully now that I am officially on holiday and have a 10 hour flight ahead of me, I might finally finish my book and maybe even start a new one! One can... Continue Reading →

A guide to vegan shoes

Shoes were one of the trickiest things for me to find to when I first went vegan. I would go out shoe shopping, find ones I liked, then search on google if they were vegan. Most of the time my search just turned up disappointing or controversial results so eventually I had to start planning... Continue Reading →

June Favourites

I don't have a huge amount of favourites this month, as much of my time and mind space has been taken up by panicking about (and putting off) all the things we still have left to do for our wedding, which is in less than two months! This is also the reason I do not... Continue Reading →

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