This week seems to have flown by and I can hardly remember what even happened (I should probably be concerned about this), but luckily I have photos and Strava to jog my memory when it comes to training.

Oh right, it was the first week that I had a midweek run that felt like a long run! 7 miles after work was not easy for me but as usual, felt great once I got it done. I only got one little shake out run in as well but I’m not stressing that much since I walk loads every day anyways. 


Plan                                          Reality

Monday:        Rest                    Rest

Tuesday:       1-3 miles             1.6 miles

Wednesday:  7 miles                7.1 miles

Thursday:      1-3 miles            Rest       

Friday:           Rest                     Rest

Saturday:      10 miles             10 miles

Sunday:         Cross train         Cross Train (long dog walk)

Long run:

It was a step back week for long run milage, which I was grateful for. I haven’t been sleeping well this past week due to the heat and my husband coughing through the night (he is better now) so I was awake at 6:45 Saturday morning but I wasn’t really awake awake. I managed to read my book and drink tea until mid morning therefor forcing myself to get out and do yet another long run in the heat. It went by slowly and the hot dry air combined with my lack of sleep made for a tough run but I also felt like I got some good thinking done. I worked some things out in my head and did some planning for the weeks to come. So, good to be productive while getting miles done I guess… so much for staying in the moment though!

Overall last week went pretty well. My legs are definitely fatigued at this point and the blisters on my feet don’t really get a chance to heal. All part of the package I suppose! Next week my milage is ramping up again with another mid week long run and running my longest ever run on the weekend! I am terrified and excited. My main goal next week, besides getting the milage in, is to get as much sleep as possible. I really don’t want to get sick just as training is getting intense!