Week 7

My first week after my holidays went surprisingly well! I managed to get every run done even though I was jet lagged and it was ridiculously hot outside. Yay me!

Long Run:

This long run I wanted to try out a new route in my area so I went off in search of Alexandra Palace. I found the palace but I also found SO MANY hills! I also ended up getting a bit lost for a few miles and had to get my map out and do a bit of walking. It was super hot and I really didn’t want to finish the run far away from my house because I was out of water, so I misjudged the distance slightly and went .4 miles away from target, oh well.

Plan                                          Reality

Monday:        Rest                    Rest

Tuesday:       1-3 miles             2.2 miles

Wednesday:  5 miles                5 miles

Thursday:      1-3 miles             1.2 miles       

Friday:           Rest                    Rest

Saturday:       12 miles             11.6 miles

Sunday:         Cross train         Cross train (dog walk)

This full week left my legs feeling pretty fatigued. I guess that is a feeling I should be getting used to by now! I think the heat also started to take it’s toll as well, so going into next week with the mindset of not pushing myself too hard.

Week 8

I was pretty exhausted at the start of this week and it was also super hot and humid, which did not make it easy to get out the door (and away from my fan!) The only reason I was able to make it out for my mid week semi long run was because I had plans to meet a friend and run it together. Having someone else you have already committed to meeting for a run is super helpful in getting on with it and not putting it off! I really enjoyed having a running buddy and was grateful to have the 6 miles done so early in the week.

Long run:

Storms kicked off on Friday,  blowing the heat away and bringing buckets of rain for the weekend. I was in Marlow visiting my parents in law for the weekend and I always really enjoy running there along the Thames path.  It was pouring rain for 10 of my 13 miles but I really enjoyed running in it as a change! 

Plan                                          Reality

Monday:        Rest                    Rest

Tuesday:       1-3 miles             6 miles

Wednesday:  6 miles                Rest

Thursday:      1-3 miles             Rest       

Friday:           Rest                    Rest

Saturday:      13.1 miles            Rest

Sunday:         Cross train          13.1 miles

I am still figuring out what to eat while out on my long runs and have been testing out different energy bars but nothing has been amazing so far. I am thinking I will make my own soon, with elements I like from things I’ve been trying (PEANUT BUTTER) 🙂 So looking forward to experimenting with that this week. Other than that just going to focus on recovering from my long runs the best I can and trying to get loads of sleep so I can maintain my schedule!