A little late posting week 5 and 6 updates since I have been away on holidays but I’m back, reflecting and low key panicking about upcoming milage numbers. 

Week 5:

I missed the first few runs of this week. I still felt like I was recovering from week 4’s long run and I also was pretty busy with work and trying to get ready for going on holiday. I really could have gotten at least some recovery runs done in there but I really didn’t want to get sick before going away and was trying to rest as much as I could. It’s still early in training so I don’t think it should be an issue and I’m really happy I didn’t get ill and was able to enjoy my holiday.

Long run: I did my long run this week on a Thursday after work because I had a 9.5 hour flight to Vancouver on Saturday and didn’t think I would want to run 10 miles with jet lag on Sunday. It was hot and I was tired from the start. I went a little later (around 7pm) and enjoyed running the cooling air. My only issue was that there was a football game on that evening and there were a lot of drunk people around and I felt a bit unsafe towards the end of the run.

Plan                                          Reality

Monday:        5 miles              0 miles

Tuesday:       1-3 miles           0 miles

Wednesday:  Rest                   Rest

Thursday:      10 miles           10 miles        

Friday:           Rest                   Rest

Saturday:       Rest                  Rest

Sunday:         Cross train        Cross train (1.5 hour hike)

I was a bit mixed up at the end of week 5 because of travelling and missing runs so my aim for week 6 was to make sure I got my long run and semi long run done and not worry too much about the schedule.

Week 6:

This was actually a good training week even though I didn’t really stick to schedule. I really enjoyed a much more technical trail run on Monday along the river, which I’m really not used to! I also did lots of hiking and kayaking which I guess could be considered cross training.


Long Run:

For this weeks long run I decided to run my old favourite route, along the seawall. To fit it into our plans I had to do this run at about 12:30 in the afternoon on a hot and sunny day, so I knew it would be a tough one! I wore suncream and a hat and brought my hand held water bottle with me. I also ate some Lara bites (basically chocolate date balls) and I thought they worked pretty well as fuel and I didn’t hate eating them.

From the first mile my legs felt heavy and tight, especially in the calves and I think that was due to Monday’s trail run, since I’m not really used to hills and having to use stability muscles. I enjoyed this run only really because of the location. Beautiful views the whole way around and bonus my husband picked me up the most delicious vegan pizza to have for lunch after!

Plan                                          Reality

Monday:        Rest                    5 miles

Tuesday:       1-3 miles             Rest

Wednesday:  5 miles                Rest

Thursday:      1-3 miles            7 miles        

Friday:           Rest                   Cross Train (2 hours kayaking)

Saturday:       7 miles               Rest

Sunday:         Cross train         Cross train (1.5 hour hike)

Overall I am going to class this week as a win, even if there was only 2 actual runs in it, I still managed to get 4 days of training in on holiday, and thats pretty damn good! Next week will be back in London and I will be aiming to stick to schedule as much as possible since I have a