I decided to aim for an autumn marathon, based on the idea that days are longer during the summer, therefore I will have more time to run. What I did not take into account was the amount of holidays and other fun bits I’ve got planned over the summer.

I absolutely live for holidays, and it’s not because I am desperate to escape my real life – I love my comfortable home and my pup way too much for that! Travelling has been a love of mine ever since I was 19 (a long time ago!) and decided on a whim to move to Australia and live out of a backpack for a year.  I have toned down my methods these days and have put down roots in the UK, but still love that feeling of exploring somewhere new. So basically what I’m saying is that I am not giving up my holidays for this training plan and am not giving up the marathon for my holidays. I am going to attempt to work around travel plans and do my runs wherever I am at the time and make it work, embracing the ‘run-cation’. I am trying not to be bothered about sticking to my plan exactly as long as I can get my long runs done, hoping that will be enough to get me across the finish line!

I think the only way for me to stick to this training at all over the summer is to be flexible with it! Which brings me to my recap of a rearranged, but still overall successful week 3;

This week was a step back week, meaning the scheduled milage was lower to give your body a minute to recover. This was perfect for me this week as I had plans for a friends birthday on Friday night and a tattoo scheduled for Saturday, which means I needed to get my long run done during the week. I also took it easy with my shorter recovery runs this week because work has been busy and I was just felt unable to do any more.

Long run: Wednesday’s long run was pretty easy to get through really, since it was only 5 miles. It was a gorgeous evening so I ran myself to the park and enjoyed it. Of course, it being a post work run it was tough initially to make the move to get out the door but once I was out there, it was just what I needed.

Plan                                          Reality

Monday:        Rest                    Rest

Tuesday:       1-3 miles             1.9 miles

Wednesday:  5 miles                5.1 miles

Thursday:      1- 3 miles           1.3 miles        

Friday:           1- 3 miles           1.7 miles

Saturday:       Rest                   Rest

Sunday:         Cross train         Cross train (dog walk)

My motivation overall slowed down this week and I am grateful that I arranged for this weekend of rest. Now I have one more rest day tomorrow and am looking forward to getting into week 4!