Already a day late posting on week 2…oops!

I had a really good week of training! I managed to do every single run (yay!) I also really enjoyed my runs this week, including my long run!

The only day I felt like I didn’t really want to go out was on Wednesday. I had my run planned for after work, these runs are always the most difficult for me because I am mentally and physically drained at the end of most work days. It also happened to be my most beneficial run of the week. Once I got going it really helped me let go of work brain and by the time I had got home I felt kind of like it was a new day, one where I had already been productive and had the rest of my day to relax. I really need to remember that feeling this coming week as I have 2 after work runs scheduled!

Long run: Week 2 long run is 7 miles, up 1 from last week. I was still getting over being ill last week so it was a bit of a struggle, but this week felt great! My legs felt fresh and never got fatigued through the whole run. It also helped that it was a gorgeous day with the most perfect cool breeze. My only issue was getting a side stitch at mile 5.5. My strategy for that is to focus on my breath and take deeper inhales and slow exhales. It helped pretty quickly but I would love to know if anyone has some tips on how to avoid getting them in the first place!

The breakdown of plan vs reality;

Plan                                      Reality

Monday:        Rest                   Rest

Tuesday:       3 miles               2.3 miles

Wednesday:  3 miles               3.3 miles

Thursday:      2 miles               1.7 miles        

Friday:           Rest                   Rest

Saturday:       7 Miles               7 miles

Sunday:         Cross train         cross train (dog walk)

I am super happy with how last week went and am feeling positive about week 3. I have adjusted week 3 because of some plans but luckily it was a step back week and the long run is only 5 miles!

Please let me know your best tips for avoiding and getting rid of a stitch!!