What I eat in a day as a normal vegan person – Long run day edition

I like to switch up the types of days I cover in this series since what I eat also varies depending on what I’m doing. This was a busy, very active day. I was away visiting my parents in law and had a 12 mile run to get through in preparation for the upcoming Hackney Half Marathon in a few weeks. While I am in Marlow I also like to make the most of the countryside, so we also went out for a 2 hour hike. To say I was exhausted when we got back to London in the evening would be an understatement, but the run was a success and on the hike I saw a new animal!! It was some kind of tiny deer that runs like a rabbit, and also got to spend some time with some sheep and cows so it was well worth it! 

Breakfast: I had a pre run bagel with Vio-life creamy (the best vegan cream cheese!) along with my 2 cups of tea.


About 45 minutes later I headed out for my long run. I don’t need much sustenance on this length run, especially in the unseasonably cold weather we are having, but it’s always a good idea to practice what you will be doing on race day so at mile 6 I ate some coke bottle gummies. Not the healthiest fuel, I know but its easy to get down and doesn’t make me feel sick while running so it works for now. Probably will have to get something better for the full marathon though.

Once I got back and got all cleaned up, my lovely husband had baked some of the accidentally vegan Just Roll chocolate croissants, so I had one of those and another cup of tea.

Lunch: My mother in law always cooks us up some delicious vegan feasts when we visit, but this lunch was one of my all time favourites. She used this Bosh recipe to make this nut and mushroom wellington, along with mashed squash and sweet potatoes and some veggies. It was such a hearty, warming meal, I will for sure be using this recipe in the future.


After lunch we went out for a nice little hike, and made some new friends. 


Snack: After our hike it was about 5pm and we were all a bit peckish so we had a nice cup of tea, some treacle tart and crackers and cheese (Sainsburys cheddar) to satiate us for the drive back to London.


Dinner: As I said before, I was exhausted when we got back to London around 7pm and there was no way I was cooking at this point. Luckily we had a few leftover bits hanging around in the fridge that needed eating, so I had that. It was mostly Friday nights Chinese food and a bit of pasta on the side. Got very lucky with that one! (I was too tired to take a photo, but it was the left overs of this take-away)

That was it for the day! It was not the healthiest of days but especially on long run days, I don’t worry about a bit of junk here and there as long as I get some pre run fuel and a solid post run meal, I’m set!

I will probably be doing some more of these types of posts over the summer, once my marathon training ramps up a bit, so keep an eye out if you are interested!

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  1. Thanks for sharing a long-run day of what you ate. After my half marathon this past Sunday, I didn’t feel as famished as I thought I would. Assorted free nibbles and drinks at the post-race expo, vegan “steakhouse burger” and fries, the 2nd half of the liter of smoothie I made for pre-race but only half-consumed pre-race, dinner was gingerbread waffles and oatmeal stout.

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