Wagamama Noodle Lab

Recently Wagamama have added a vegan menu to all of it’s locations, following other UK chain restaurants like Zizzi.  The menu has lots of delicious looking items like gyoza, tofu ramen and pad thai among other things, which happen to be some of my favourite foods that I find quite hard to make myself.

Living in London I never really think to go to a Wagamama, since there are so many incredible vegan restaurants around. Though its a great option for when I’m out with non vegan friends/co-workers or family visiting.

I recently heard about the “noodle lab” location in Soho, where they serve test dishes, which could potentially be added to the main menu. At the moment they have quite a few vegan items testing, so we went to check it out.

The restaurant looks pretty small from the front but if you keep walking, it just keeps going and as I was exploring (looking for the bathroom) I saw that they also have lots more tables downstairs. It is a nice space with long wooden tables and exposed brick walls. 

Looking at the menu, there were lots of vegan starters and a few mains to choose from. We chose to share the steamed buns and vegetable tempura off the test menu for starters and they both were so flavourful, delicious and really nicely presented. I especially appreciate the tempura as it used to be one of my all time fav foods but is very rarely vegan. For my main I had the tofu ramen off the normal menu and it was perfectly spicey and warming for the chilly evening. My only thing with this dish was that I found it super hard to eat with chopsticks and the flat wooden ladle they give me. Don’t get me wrong, I managed and ate all of it, but just thinking if I was out with colleagues or on a first date or something, this could be a problem! My husband ordered the seitan katsu curry (vegatsu) off the test menu. I managed to get a sneaky taste off him and it was really good. The seitan had a chickn-ey texture and the curry was creamy and full of flavour.

Overall, it was a really fun evening out with great cocktails and delicious food, with the bonus of it being very fair priced as they give you a great deal on the testing items. If you are in London I would definitely recommend checking it out. I can also see myself visiting the regular Wagamama locations more often to fill my ramen needs now that they are catering to vegans.

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