Autumn thrift haul

Buying your clothes from charity shops (or thrift stores to my fellow North American friends) has many benefits, some of them, being that it is more environmentally friendly (reusing already owned clothes), helping the community (money goes to charity instead of corporations) and being much better value for the shopper($$$), also you get the fun of searching out bargains and hidden treasures! Not all of my clothes come from charity shops but I like to get what I can from them, though it does take quite a lot more time to find what you are looking for. 

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a fashionable person. I don’t keep up with all the trends and I wear at least 90% black at all times. Though recently I’ve really been trying to add a bit more colour to my wardrobe. So hopefully you wont judge me too harshly for my taste.

Through September and the start of October I had been popping into a few different charity shops around Bethnal Green and some in Kentish Town, looking for some non black cardigans and other layers to add to my Autumn wardrobe. I apologize in advance for my wrinkled clothes and dog hair, I didn’t have a great set up for these photos as my camera is out of commission so had to use my phone, oh well, here are my finds:

I’ll start with this wooly (not actual wool) jumper. It is over sized and so so comfy. I love wearing this with black skinny jeans and my vegan Doc Martins. £3.


This Monsoon coat was in such good condition and fit me so well that I had to get it. The colour in person is much more army green. This was my most expensive purchase at £12.


Who doesn’t like a good stripey jumper?! It is fitted through the arms and shoulders and more of a boxy cut in the waist, so nice and comfy, I am also into the 3/4 sleeves £2.50.


I always have a look through the mens tshirt racks for treasure. I enjoy the Pulp Fiction/banana combo that this shirt brings to the table. £2


I wasn’t really looking for bottoms this time around but I saw these cute tights and thought “why not?!” £3


Found the perfect layering cardigan. It is originally from the mens section of UNIQLO and I got a very similar light grey one as well but it’s in the wash. £4


I couldn’t say no to this very oversized purple corduroy button up, though it is so big it looks a bit silly. I like throwing it on over a hoodie for an extra layer when I’m walking the dog. £4


I’m not 100% sure about this one. The shoulders and the ties are a bit much for me but I liked the colour and it fits really nicely. Working on getting the stain out… £3.50.

thrift 4

I really love this sparkley striped jumper, its perfect for the holidays and its a bit cropped so looks good with high wasted jeans. £4


I saved my absolute favourite for last. I wear this sheer plaid button up ALL THE TIME. I think it goes with everything and I love the deep green colour. £5.


Thats everything I got (minus a few pint glasses…) for Autumn. Let me know if you have any good thrifting tips or tricks I should know about! This is a very different style post for me so please let me know if you enjoyed it or how I could do better next time… don’t be shy!


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  1. Ahhh I’ve only just seen this. Girl you need to get yourself to the charity shops in Wales. If you think London ones are cheap you’ll be stunned 😂 you must come visit sometime and I can take you to my faves!!


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