I am taking a page out of naturallyEmma’s blog and thought I would do a wedding day edition of what I eat in a day.

I got married a week ago in Canada. We had a small ceremony in a park then a backyard reception party at my parents house in North Vancouver. We had absolutely perfect weather for the day and it all went so well, and best of all I got to marry my best friend. I also got to eat loads of delicious food, so lets get into it.


As usual, first thing I woke up and had a large glass of lemon water, I am particularly glad I remembered to do this because it turned out to be the only water I drank all day…Oops! Then I had a big cup of coffee with the most delicious creamer by Silk. This is something that I really miss in the UK since I like a strong coffee and it always curdles my milk! (anyone know of a vegan creamer in the UK?!)

I decided to stick my old faithful peanut butter toast for breakfast as a base to start the big day. I also had a cup of tea while doing my makeup and hair.


Before heading to the park we had some champaign and orange juice to settle the nerves. As you do.

After the ceremony and photos, we came back to the house and did some last minute tasks to get ready for the party.

Guests arrived at 3pm and appetizers came out at 3:45pm. I was pretty hungry by then and I wanted to try a bit of everything. I had hummus, salsa, cauliflower bites, falafel with tahini, watermelon,tomato and tofu feta skewers and spinach dip. Trying everything was a big task but I did it!

I had my dinner at about 6:30pm I believe. Again I wanted to try a little bit of everything so I attempted to take small portions. I had an incredible veggie burger with cashew queso sauce on it (yum!) caesar salad, green salad with berries, BBQ pulled jackfruit, potato salad, and mac and cheese… again my plate and my stomach ended up very full.

After dinner we had coffee and cake. We ordered our cake from Edible Flours in Kitsilino which is an all vegan bakery. The bottom and top layer were vanilla cake with coconut frosting and the middle layer was a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, with berries through and on top of each layer.


The food all went down so well and had so many people tell me how good it was including people who would never normally eat a vegan meal on purpose. I am so grateful we were able to have an all vegan wedding, it made it feel personalized and special to us. We are very lucky that my brother is an incredible chef and took on the task of our vegan wedding!

I wish I had more photos to share from the day but it all went by so quickly, so I only have a few of the leftover meals I had from the following days.