Getting to know me / The Ella May Garrett Challenge

I saw this get to know me challenge post the other day from a life without cruelty blog, and thought I would give it go and share too much information about myself with the world, so here it goes.

1. What is your shoe size? 6 UK  / 7.5 or 8 in Canadian sizes.

2. Do you have a favourite word? I really like certain words said in particular accents, for example the word “murder” but said with a strong Scottish accent, just works for me.

3. Do you like Disney movies? I grew up watching Disney, so yes I do. My favourites are The Little Mermaid and The Lion King obviously.

4. What is your guilty pleasure? Probably teen dramas like Pretty Little Liars, Riverdale, Gossip Girl, they are addicting and too easy to watch.

5. Have you ever read a book you couldn’t put down or a film you were obsessed with from the get go? Harry Potter all day.

6. What would be a bad date for you? Having to eat at a restaurant that doesn’t have vegan options and having to piece together a meal or cause hassle for everyone, but lucky for me, my partner is vegan so this is not a real problem for me.

7. If you could relive any moment, what would it be and why? Not sure really, probably some of my travels, around Australia, New Zealand and Europe, I visited some pretty incredible places and had some times.

8. Are you a trousers or skirt person? Or both? Both

9. Do you have any pets? 1 dog, Remus. He is insane but adorable.

10. Do you write your blog posts in the evening or the morning? Normally in the afternoon, after work, or a Saturday morning in bed.

11. Your Favourite ‘Friend’? Kind of lame but its gotta be either my fiancé or my dog

12. Favourite Crisp Flavour? Sweet chilli Doritos, accidentally vegan woooooo!

13. Are You a Morning Person? Like a 9am in the morning person

14. Tea or Coffee? Both but more often tea

15. Sea View, Mountain View or Countryside View? Sea view I think, though I like the mountains too. I am spoiled being from Vancouver and having both for most of my life.

16. Are you Vegan, Vegetarian, or none of the above? Vegan af.

17. Favourite Childhood Memory? I am grateful to say I have a lot to choose from there, so just a random fun memory was digging up clay in my back yard then loading clay balls up on our wagon and going door to door on our block selling clay balls with my brother and cousins… without telling my mom… Also the only time I have ever been grounded.

18. Favourite Thing to do on Sunny Days? Go kayaking then maybe some beers on a nice patio with live music

19. What Song do you Know ALL the words to? Pretty much any early 2000’s RnB, also Spice Girls.

20. A Film that Makes you Cry, Every Damn Time? I would consider myself a cryer. I have cried watching the Simpsons (I did not like the way they forgot about Santa’s little helper in the Laddie episode!) So I cry watching most movies.

According to the rules, I am supposed to add in 10 of my own questions for the next person so here they are;

21. What is your favourite food?

22. What Harry Potter character would you want to be and why(if you don’t know any, go read the books right now!)?

23. Do you exercise, if yes what do you like to do?

24. What person or character from anytime in history would you like to be friends with and why?

25. Where in the world would be your ideal place to live if cost and immigration were no problem?

26. Do you have or want children?

27. What is your dream job?

28. Margaritas or pina coladas?

29. Favourite way to spend a Saturday?

30. What is your favourite band/musical artist?

Im going to keep up with the open invitation here and say I nominate and encourage everyone and anyone who like me, has a few minutes spare for some procrastinating/ posting something a little more personal. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Getting to know me / The Ella May Garrett Challenge

Add yours

  1. Hey! I love these little challenges, they are so interesting, I love uncovering different layers to people’s personalities.
    I’m so with you on Doritos and trashy teen dramas. PLL, all day, every day!
    Thanks for the tag and I hope more people get involved!


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