June Favourites

I don’t have a huge amount of favourites this month, as much of my time and mind space has been taken up by panicking about (and putting off) all the things we still have left to do for our wedding, which is in less than two months! This is also the reason I do not have a book of the month this month, though I am reading something, I have only been able to concentrate for a few chapters at this point.

So here is my very small list for the month of June;

june yoga .jpg

Probably my top purchase this month was my Yoga mat that I got on Amazon. I had been putting off buying a mat for ages because I had a really nice (and quite expensive) one back in New York and in the end I had to donate it because I had no more weight allowance in my bags, with the vague idea that I would try and repurchase that same one. The problem with that was that I never want to spend that kind of money, especially since I have been very hot and cold with actually practicing yoga consistently in the past. I am so happy I decided to just go for it and buy a cheaper one online. Even just a 20 minute session a few nights per week watching Yoga With Adriene at home has been really helping me keep my stress level down and spirits up.

june shoes

I have tried to buy a pair of Vegan Birkenstocks a few times in the past and they were always out of my size, so when I checked the website and they had them, I went for it. It is too early to talk about lasting power but they look and feel really well made and I think they will be in use for many years to come. My only regret is not getting the narrow fit ones. I wouldn’t consider my feet to be overly narrow, but the regular ones are pretty wide for me.

june teeth

When I was about 19, I used the Crest white strips and would leave them on overnight, my teeth got insanely white but they also got very sore. I had been wanting my teeth to get back to being that white, so I got the Superdrug brand tooth whitening kit. This time I am trying to find the sweet spot where I can leave the gel in for the shortest amount of time while still getting a good result. So far I like the kit but will have to wait to see if it works. Of course I chose this kit because, like all Superdrug brand products, it is clearly labeled vegan.

june flow

I found these cute little flowers to decorate my hair for the wedding at Accessorize. They are kind of twist in… if anyone has tips about wearing these types of hair flowers, I need them!


Okja – I was so eager to see this movie because I heard it was pro veganism and it looked cute.  There were bits that were cute but overall this movie was quite graphic and a pretty realistic portrayal of the meat industry. I found it very hard to watch. I am very happy that it is available on Netflix for the world to see, and I guess it does re-light my vegan fire when I see movies like this. Check it out if you feel like crying/being angry at the world.


Orange is the new black season 5 – I thought this season was really good, though I was hoping for a bit less of a cliffhanger ending since the seasons don’t come out very often. Don’t want to say too much in case some of you can actually pace yourself with shows and don’t just watch the whole season in a week.

Master of None season 2 – This is one of my favourite shows right now. I loved this season, it was romantic and funny and made me very much want to go to Italy and eat pasta.

Curb your enthusiasm – Since we finished Parks and Rec, we are filling the void with Curb your enthusiasm. Its pretty great.

Thats about it for this month! No cosmetics at all! I have been searching every Superdrug I see to check if they started selling e.l.f products so I can try some out, but no luck yet. Where are these mythical stores?! Oh I also got my wedding dress this month! Not going to post any pre wedding photos of it though, sorry!

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